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Communities Coming Together During The COVID-19 Pandemic


The best in human nature is revealed during trying times, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Throughout cities, towns, and rural communities in the USA, people are exhibiting the spirit of generosity every day, from a simple neighborly act to volunteers working long hours to provide vital services.

Whether it’s ensuring an elderly neighbor is provided with food and supplies, providing support to local businesses by purchasing in advance, or showing appreciation for healthcare workers and first responders with donations, when the community comes together, magic happens.

Support For Healthcare Workers During The Pandemic

No group is under more stress than the healthcare workers serving our community, and church groups, local groups, and individuals are showing their gratitude. Whether it is a fruit or snack basket for the hospital break room, or donating to organizations who are providing hospitals with critical masks, gowns, or ventilators, supporting our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals means more now than ever.

The outpouring of support from the community makes a real difference to those who work on the front lines. Above all, they tell us they most appreciate it when we follow the advice of the CDC and local authorities: staying home, practicing social distancing, and hand-washing—the best ways to “flatten the curve” and bring our healthcare workers real relief.

Assistance For Our Elderly Residents

Many elderly people are in a fragile state of health, and at high risk if they contract the virus. They are frightened to leave home or go to a grocery store where they could contract COVID-19. Many state and local programs are available to aid seniors, but most are overloaded with requests and are slower to respond. Neighbors helping neighbors is one of the best ways to fill the gap. Our community is a powerful force when we are working together!

Support For Local Business Owners

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. They are always there to serve us, whether a hair salon, yoga studio, gym, restaurant, boutique, nail salon, or coffee shop, we all have our favorites and the community is finding new ways to help them through this very tough time. The owners and staff are more than service providers—they are our friends and neighbors. Whether buying services in advance, purchasing gift cards, ordering in your favorite meals, or posting a glowing review on Yelp, every action can make a difference.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Look to your local community to discover more ways we can work together during the COVID-19 outbreak. Musicians are creating live shows for adults and children, libraries are making more titles available online, and locals from every walk of life are offering support to those who need it most.

Your Local Insurance Agent: At Your Service

During this challenging time, you may have questions, concerns, or need help with insurance. Our local agents are at your service and ready to support you however we can, both personally and professionally. No matter your insurance needs, we are here for you.

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