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Health Attitudes Can Affect Cancer According to Recent Study

A study has been published recently that confirms that attitude doesn't just affect living in a figurative sense - it can also literally affect health. The problem with attitude is that it can actually cause people to neglect what could be good for them. In the case of cancer for example, the study showed that people who felt cancer screening couldn't help them wouldnęt actually go for cancer screening. And this becomes a double black eye if they have health insurance plans that covers cancer screening and didn't take advantage of it.

The study, which was conducted in England have proven the case of what is called cancer fatalism. Cancer fatalism is the belief that cancer screening wouldn't help because it didn't work or because they were going to die of the disease in the first place. According to the study, it was also found that more people who were better off financially were actually more likely to get cancer screening. This was because they had a lower idea of cancer fatalism. It was also found that they viewed their own health with a better attitude and were more likely to get screened.

Cancer which is a huge killer in countries all over the globe can be treated. However, the treatment is only effective in a certain part of case - the better overall health of an individual being tested; the better their chances of survival. It is also imperative that the cancer be caught in its earlier stages, mainly because the cells mutate, making them harder and harder to treat as they evolve.

The study used data from age groups of 60 years old to 69 years old. The total sample size of the data was 529 individuals of varying social and economic statuses and they were all measured to see their level of cancer fatalism. In terms of numbers, the percentage of people who were more likely to get screening was 56% based on the said results.

The study was conducted by Anne Miles who is a Ph.D. She is also one of the lecturers at the University of London (Birbeck). She used the help of various team members, who in turn concurred with the results of the findings.

The attitude of fatalism isn't new. It is actually quite similar to people who donęt go to the doctor because they feel they will just be given medication anyway. The studies show however that even in the case of cancer this should be avoided.

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