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Plastic Surgery Over 60? Why Not?

A recent story on ABC News by Susan Donaldson caught our eye in a big way. It is not about health, Medicare or insurance issues, or at least not directly, but we think you will enjoy it.

An 83 year young property manager from Orange County, California named Marie Kolstad decided to join a growing number of other older individuals and have breast implant surgery. Breast implant surgery? You might say, why would she do such a thing?

"I never gave a thought to meeting someone different," she said. "It was more about looking in the mirror and liking who I am."

It seems Marie, like a lot of us embraces life to the fullest and wanted to look as well as feel better about herself.

"It's something you dream about. I just wanted nice ones. I didn't want anything outlandish or out of place. Now, they are firmer and rounder."

According to Dr. Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon in New York, folks over the age of 65 represent as much as 8% of plastic surgery patients,

"People say, just because my life age is 84, doesn't mean I have to be happy or content looking 80," he said.

With Americans living longer then ever is it any wonder that we also want to look younger longer?

Did you know that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2010 there were 84,685 surgical procedures done on those 65 or older? Perhaps less surprising is the number of facelifts, 26,635 and liposuctions, 6,469 then the number of breast augmentations 2,414.

Plastic surgery is not for everyone, of course, and if you have heart disease or other problems the anesthesia could be too big a risk so speak frankly with your doctor before opting to shell out $8000 or more but we applaud those who are unafraid to live just because the year on their birth certificate is a particular number.

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