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Medigap New York

Medigap New York is the Medicare supplement insurance plan. Medicare gap is the term used to describe the space that is left by what Medicare pays and what the actual cost of health care is. This gap is typically a rather large gap.

Medigap New York insurance is used to close the gap. This type of insurance is used in conjunction with the traditional Medicare plan. There are only a couple of criteria to make you eligible for Medicare gap insurance.


Of course the most obvious criteria to be eligible for Medicare gap insurance is receiving Medicare. If you are enrolled in Medicare than part a and part b than you are instantly eligible for Medicare gap insurance.

To be enrolled in Medicare Part a and Part b you have to fall into one of the following categories:

  • Seniors age 65 + are automatically eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • Permanently disabled folks that receive Social Security disability payments.
  • A person with end stage renal failure.
  • If you fall into any of the above categories than you will also be eligible for Medicare gap insurance.

How Can Medicare Gap Insurance Help?

Medicare gap insurance can help you to get better health care. Sure Medicare alone will help you get health care but when you add Medicare gap insurance you are improving your options of finding better health care.

Medicare gap insurance will bridge the gap that traditional Medicare leaves behind. You will be able to save money while getting better health care. In some cases Medicare gap insurance can be used to cover prescription medications.

The cost is typically quite affordable. Of course it does matter where you purchase this type of insurance from. There are some places that are simply better than others. There are some places that actually put the client first.


Medicareissimple.com is one of those places that are actually more concerned with their clients' needs being met than they are with making a profit. Medicareissimple.com is a great place to find the best Medigap New York insurance. The process is simple and the cost is affordable. There is simply no other way that is better. You can get your free Medicare gap insurance quotes today from medicareissimple.com.

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