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Texas Medicare

Texas Medicare, or Medicare of Texas is the federally backed health insurance plan for folks that have reached the age of 65. It is also in place for other folks as well. Folks that are permanently disabled and are receiving Social Security Disability payments are typically eligible and people that are in end stage renal failure are also eligible.

The program is mandated by the federal government and is available in all the states of the United States as well as US territories. The program has been full of controversy the last few years because of the changes that have been implanted.

Most people do not like change even when something is broken they have been known to fight the changes that have been presented.

Change is Good

Medicare of Texas needed to change. The system was broken. The coverage that was provided by the old Medicare of Texas program was not comprehensive at all. People were left with huge out of pocket medical expenses.

Thanks to the changes to Texas Medicare folks are paying less for better coverage. Of course saving money is extremely important but having the right health care coverage is where the real value lies.

Most people do not like change because they fear the unknown. To truly embrace the changes that have been made to Medicare of Texas you have to have at least a minimal understanding of what the changes have been made.


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