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Medicare of Ohio

Medicare of Ohio is sometimes referred to as the senior health plan because of the population it serves.

It is largely a misconception that the plan only serves folks that are senior citizens although that is the primary population that it serves.

Medicare in Ohio can also serve people that are disabled permanently as well as those that are in end stage renal failure; pretty much anyone that is receiving social security disability is eligible for Medicare. The Medicare is not free.

Another misconception about Medicare in Ohio is that it is free. This is wrong. Medicare Part A you do not pay for but Medicare Part B you do. To be eligible for most any Medicare supplement plan you have to Part A and Part B in place.

Some Short Comings

Many people that do not receive Medicare think that not only is Medicare free but that it is a catch all for health care. This could not be further from the truth. Medicare is not only not free, but it leaves many gaps in health care coverage. It is not a very comprehensive plan. As a matter of fact many people that are enrolled in Medicare are not getting the health care they deserve because they cannot afford to pay the difference between what Medicare covers and what the actual cost of health care services are.

It is unfortunate that the people that need health care the most have to struggle to find health care that is affordable and health insurance that is comprehensive. Luckily there are options.


Medicare in Ohio has under gone some big changes the last few years. These changes have greatly affected how Medicare is delivered to the folks that are eligible for it. The changes have opened up a world of options for people that are eligible for Medicare. Like any other changes that come along it can be a scary prospect to deal with.

Luckily these changes you do not have to face on your own. Medicareissimple.com is there to help you understand the changes and to muddle through the red tape. Finding the right Medicare in Ohio plan for you and your needs can be as hard or as easy as you make it.


Making Medicare an easy to understand endeavor really only requires that you use medicareissimple.com the premier website that is set up to help you and millions of people just like you navigate the Medicare of Ohio system.

Medicareissimple.com will help you decide what fact is and what is fiction about the Medicare program.