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Medicare New York

Medicare New York is the federally supplemented health care plan for seniors, permanently disabled folks and people that are in end stage renal failure. It is a health care plan that can provide folks with the coverage that they need to get the health care that they need.

Medicare of NY is certainly not a perfect plan. There are quite a few holes and gaps left behind with the traditional Medicare of NY plan. Thankfully legislation was passed that afforded folks the opportunity to choose from different plans.

There is a whole host of different parts of the Medicare of NY plan. Most folks are well aware of the Medicare Part A and Part B some are even aware of the Part D of the plan but most do not realize that there are over 12 different combination options for the plan.

The Goal

Evaluating your health care situation is very important. After all, the goal is to have the most coverage without having to pay too much out of pocket. Medicare plans that are provided by private carriers either as supplements to Medicare of NY or as actual replacement plans for traditional Medicare should be comprehensive yet affordable.

When you opt to get your Medicare plan through a private carrier there are some things you should know about Medicare through private carriers.

Standardized Plans- private carriers are mandated by law if they are going to offer Medicare replacement plans than they will have to at a minimum offer at least what someone would get with the traditional Medicare options. The fees are also capped although there is a range when it comes to the fees which make it important to shop.

Options- you need to consider which option is right for you for example do you want a policy that will cover everything from soup to nuts- like an HMO or do you want something that is less restrictive and less expensive?

Guaranteed Acceptance- You cannot be turned down for a Medicare plan as long as you meet the age requirement or you are receiving Social Security disability. That is the law.


There are so many more points to consider and many laws and regulations that may be only affect Medicare of NY. Knowing each rule and regulation is not necessary but knowing the basics is very important. Medicareissimple.com has done the leg work for you. Medicareissimple.com can provide expert guidance for all Medicare products available to New York residents.

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