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Eat, Drink and Enjoy life

According to an article posted by the New York Times this morning and written by Nicholas Bakalar, the way we eat, drink and exercise may have little to do with our ability to live past 100; although, such things do have a bearing on whether or not we can enjoy such a ripe old age.

According to the story, Gerontologists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine somehow found and did a study on 477 Ashkenazi Jewish centenarians all between the age of 95 and 112 who are healthy enough to live independently.

They took a little blood and asked a lot of questions having to do with both medical histories and personal ones asking more or less how they managed to live for so long and compared the finding to 1,374 non-Hispanic white seniors between the ages of 65 and 74. The results were a bit surprising.

It seems that the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, ingestion of low cal or low sodium diets and the amount daily exercise between the two groups were nearly identical. So does that mean we can just eat, drink and party until our genes say it is our time?

Not at all, according to Dr. Nir Barailai, the director for the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine who said "For most of us who do not have genes for longevity," he said, "If you follow the healthy lifestyle the medical community has put forth, you are much more likely to live past 80."

In other words your genes may or may not dictate whether you live long enough to reach 100 years or older but it is eating right, moderate drinking , exercise and regular checkups at the doctorıs office that ensure that you are healthy enough to enjoy such an advanced age.

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