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Health Study Shows Promise for MRI Screening for Breast Cancer

Early screening is critical when it comes to catching cancer, but the problem has always been a matter of getting the right test screening to do the job. In a recent study, it was found that catching cancer could be significantly increased by using a medical tool - the MRI. The use of the MRI isn't uncommon. In fact it is regularly used for other purposes; however it isnıt used as often in the cancer field because of cost.

Cancer is a huge drain on the U.S economy and on any economy in general. Millions of dollars go into cancer research and prevention and yet even with all the hoopla, there seem to be no solid cure for the disease. This is caused because of the capacity of cancer cells to infect existing healthy cells in the human body. Most cures can help cancer but they are generally double edged swords because they can wreak havoc on the immune system. Early screening as shown by the study can increase the chances of catching the disease early on. Instead of spending good insurance money on expensive medicine for treatment, the cost will be incurred to screen patients. MRIs cost money though, and that is what the test is hoping to change.

In order to show the health insurance implications, all the women in the study were uninsured. A total of 598 women were studied and were split into two segments. One group received screening done by mammography. These women were not high risk, however the second group of women were. They instead were screened using the MRI process. In the case of the MRI group, nine women were shown to detect breast cancer.

The research lead was Dr. Anne C Ford. She is an assistant OBGyne professor at the medical center at Duke University.

Several factors contribute to breast cancer and as a result there are many tests that can be performed. Though the statistics show one in eight, what most people don't see is that there are actually high-risk women who have greater chance of getting the disease. In these cases, potentially catching cancer early in its tracks is what can really save lives. The new study published to help early screening using MRI could be one of these life saving techniques.

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