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Medicare Hi

Medicare Hi or Medicare Hawaii is the federally funded or federally backed health insurance plan. Medicare Hawaii is a guaranteed acceptance plan. This means that as long as you meet certain criteria you are automatically able to get health insurance coverage.

The criteria are not hard to meet but it is a bit narrow. People that are 65 years or older are automatically eligible. Folks that have permanent disabilities and receive Social Security disability payments are eligible and folks that are in end stage renal disease are eligible.

Medicare Hi offers many different plans to choose from. Thanks to the demands of the baby boomers (the largest generation ever born) changes to the Medicare program have been implemented.

Traditional Medicare

The traditional Medicare Hawaii plan was not very comprehensive it consisted of Part A and Part B and a prescription plan. The traditional left a lot of gaps in coverage so most seniors could buy a supplement plan out of pocket.

The traditional Medicare Hawaii plan is still available but there are other options now. Options that can save you money and provide you with better health care.


Medicare Hawaii offers the option of choosing to get your Medicare plan through private insurance carriers. This can be the perfect option for a lot of people. The plans are standardized and guaranteed acceptance.

This means at minimum when you opt for Medicare through private carriers those carriers will at a minimum have to provide you with at least the coverage that traditional Medicare offers.

Of course most private Medicare plans offer far more than what traditional Medicare does. There are many laws that govern exactly how these plans have to work. Most people feel that the privatization push has really changed the plans for the better.

Medicare Hawaii has evolved into a health insurance program that is far more comprehensive than it was even ten years ago. Understanding your options will help you to pick the right plan for your situation and to benefit the most from these changes.

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