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Medicare Insurance Terms Glossary

If you are new to Medicare, there are probably a lot of unfamiliar insurance terms which can be confusing. To better help you understand your options; the following is a list of some of the most common terms used in the health insurance market.

  • Agent - This is the person authorized by the insurance company to conduct business on their behalf. Any agent must possess a license from the IRDA.
  • Claim - This is filed by the consumer in order to get reimbursement for his/her medical expenses.
  • Coverage Amount - This is the allowable amount payable during a claim. Sometimes it is also called a sum assured or sum insured.
  • Disability Insurance - This is the amount paid to the insured every month in the event of partial or total disability.
  • Exclusions- These are the illnesses which treatments are not covered by the health insurance policy.
  • Floater Policy - This is the insurance policy that can cover the whole members of the family. This is only a one insurance policy that has only one premium.
  • Group Insurance - This policy is usually bought by an association or a firm in order to insure the members of their group.
  • Insurance Policy - This is a contract between the consumer and the insurer or the insurance company. The consumer pays a particular amount to the insurance company in return for the insurance coverage that he/she receives.
  • Personal Accident Policy - This is a type of insurance policy which has fixed benefits wherein a specific amount of money is paid in case of specified events. These events might lead to the person's death or disability.
  • Pre-existing Condition - This refers to the particular illness that the person already had when he/she purchase his/her health insurance plan.
  • Premium - This is the amount that the insurer receives from the insured, it is also known as the cost of the insurance policy.

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