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Health Alert: Laughter Really Is One of the Best Medicines

Anyone who's ever watched Patch Adams can relate to the thought of laughter in the field of medicine. Regardless of whether you consider it a cure or a means to a better quality of life, it is considered by many as a free way to get yourself feeling better. Not only is laughter considered vital in Western cultures, wellness in other cultures have also incorporated laughter - even in such activities as yoga.

According to a study that was just released, it has been found that there may indeed be truth to the fact that laughter is a medicine. Laughter is first and foremost a mood lifter, which according to the study decreases the effects of agitation and therefore helps reduce depression. Just like Patch, the study focused on providing humour through comedy. It was also found that laughter was a much better way of improving mood and dementia as compared to medication and a safer one when taking into consideration the fatal side effects and there's no need to use your health insurance coverage.

This improvement in dementia means that an alternative to actual medicine can be used, even in the United States. With the high cost of dementia care in the country, it makes sense to also try it out here - especially since we have just as high population of aged people. It is also an alternative means of medicine for the growing mental health concerns in the country.

The study was conducted in Australia at the University of New South Wales and was conducted on geriatric facilities located across the country. There were 36 facilities studied and a head LaughterBoss was put in charge of the study.

The study's research lead was Dr. Lee-Fay Low who is a fellow at the university's Psychiatry department. The process involved in the study is also being released as a documentary and will be up for viewing at the forum for dementia.

Whichever way you look at it, the study shows promise in the lives of millions of people around the globe suffering from dementia. Indeed since laughter has already been used in various cultures and healthcare facilities, the potential can greatly serve the growing rate of depression and continue to improve the quality of life for many patients.

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