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Does Human Growth Hormone Really Slow Aging?

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of interesting information that could lead one to believe that synthetic human growth hormone, or HGH could slow down or even reverse the realities of old age; but, according to an article produced by the staff of the Mayo Clinic in February, it seems there is very little evidence to suggest any truth to these claims.

To those who are unfamiliar with exactly what HGH is it is a growth hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland that maintains organs and tissues throughout life and fuels childhood growth. For most of us our pituitary glands slowly reduce the amount of hormones they produce as we age which is why some believe it can help.

For those who have a rare growth hormone deficiency caused by a pituitary adenoma which is a tumor on the pituitary gland, HGH can increase bone density, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and increase the capacity to exercise, too bad it does not offer the same benefits for healthy adults.

Although studies on healthy adults are limited, it seems that the only thing that human growth hormone injections can do is to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat in older adults but before you get excited, the increased muscle mass from human growth hormone injections does not translate into increased strength and other side effects make it too dangerous to mess with.

There are several side effects to taking human growth hormone injections (which can only be gotten through a prescription by the way) if you are a healthy adult. These side effects include carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling of the arms and legs, muscle pains, joint pains, and enlargement of the breast tissue in men. It is also suspected that it could contribute to diabetes and heart disease.

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