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New Health Study Suggests Drinking Mama's Milk Might Make You Smarter

According to two studies published, breast milk along with certain types of formula contains some fatty acids which can potentially result in smarter children. Certain fatty acids such DHA and EPA, which are made up of long-chain fatty acids apparently increased learning capabilities as well as IQ in groups of children that were examined by the studies. The same fatty acids were also found to be present in certain types of baby formula and milk.

This new study encourages the use of motherıs milk when feeding children, though it was also proof that certain types of manufactured baby's milk could help with the growth of a childıs IQ. Something that was found to be of extra importance was that the increased IQ seemed to work better for girls and as such was a potential indicator of further differences between the learning capabilities in the two sexes. The increased fatty acids seemed to only really make a difference in literacy for baby girls.

The study brings great news for millions of Americans who breastfeed their babies but may bring some worry to parents who can't do the same - especially those who can't afford good formula. A solution to this problem though lies in the use of health insurance. Certain health insurance companies allow discounted rates on baby formula and even on baby's milk. These insurers then provide hope for those families wishing to give their children the best they can through the coverage.

The research which was conducted in two European countries - UK and Spain - involved 107 and 500 children respectively. The children were tested on the basis of IQ and memory. They were also tested on cognitive function as well as attention span. The lead author for the UK team was Dr. Elizabeth Isaacs. She is a senior research fellow at University College London.

Given the number of children that are born everyday, it isn't surprising that the encouragement towards breastfeeding has always been a staple for modern society. Even though a lot of mothers keep up with this trend, there are also those that find breastfeeding to be impossible due in part to the lack of breast milk they are producing. For those mothers, the solution lies in getting baby formula with the same properties of breast milk ı or as close to it.

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