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Medicare Advantage New York

Medicare Advantage New York is the answer to many people's concerns about Medicare in New York. It has to be stated that frankly the Medicare program has a ton of issues. There are far too many gaps in coverage that are left by the traditional Medicare plan.

Legislation has been passed that frees up some options for folks that are eligible for Medicare. For the majority of the life of the plan there were no options. People did not have any choice when it came to Medicare other than to accept what the plan was and use it as is. Today all of that has changed.

The general attitude toward Medicare has also changed thanks to the new legislation. At one point folks just assumed that Medicare was something that they had to deal with as is. No one ever really believed that there would be a solution to the Medicare problem.

Medicare in New York has largely been a failing proposition until Medicare reform took place. Thanks to the new legislation Medicare in New York is a plan that folks can live with.

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare advantage is a supplemental program for folks that are receiving Medicare in New York. There are certain eligibility criteria. The main criteria is that you are currently receiving Medicare part a and Medicare part b.

Medicare Part B requires that you pay a premium; most people do not realize that Medicare is not free. To be eligible for Medicare Advantage you have to be enrolled in Medicare part b and be making your payments.

Medicare advantage is not free either. You will have to pay an additional premium for Medicare advantage.

It is well worth the additional cost. Most people that are enrolled in Medicare in New York realize that Medicare advantage is the way to go, not only to save money but to receive a higher quality of health care.

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