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Learn More and Save Money on Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Not everyone is in a position to afford the costs of health insurance plans, including many senior citizens. Medicare plans provide coverage for individuals who are 65 years and above, individuals who have disabilities, and those who have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.

Medicare has two major types which are the Original Medicare Plan and the Medicare Advantage Plan. A person can obtain the Original Medicare Plan if he or she is eligible for Medicare. The Medicare Advantage Plan is provided by private health insurance companies.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) can be obtained by anyone enrolled in Medicare. In order to purchase Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage; a person must first enroll in an insurance plan from an insurance company which is approved by Medicare. Each plan has a wide array of costs and different types of drugs covered.

There are two methods of obtaining Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.

  1. The first one is to add this drug coverage into your existing Original Medicare Plan and other types of Medicare Private Plans.

  2. The second is to purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare health plan that includes Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.

For the year 2012, the average premium that people will pay for their prescription drug plan is predicted to be around $30 per month, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This amount shows a slight decrease from 2011. This is great for those seniors who are trying to manage their budgets. A recent study shows that some consumers who are enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Drug plan have low out-of-pocket expenses. These consumers can even save around $500 a year, or $40 or more a month.

The insurance agents at Medicare is Simple have the industry experience and knowledge to help individuals who want more information on obtaining or saving money on Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. We can provide you with free quotes and personalized service when making this important decision in your life. Contact us to get an insurance quote in your state, or advice on choosing the right plan.