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Hawaii Medicare insurance quotes

Are you turning 65 years old soon? Are you eligible for Medicare? If you are going to be eligible for Medicare soon then there are a few things that you should know about Medicare and how to choose the best possible Hawaii Medicare insurance quotes to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Up until about ten years ago choosing a Medicare plan was easy and you really did not need to do anything at all. Back then your biggest decision was whether or not to opt for Medicare Part B insurance.

Today Medicare has grown to include coverage plans and options that you can purchase from a large number of private insurance companies and making Medicare decisions has become much more complicated.


You will need to approach choosing Medicare plans or supplements in much the same way that you would approach choosing any other health insurance policy, by sitting down and figuring out what you need, what you want and balancing those needs and wants with what you can afford to spend.

The first choice that you will need to make regarding your Medicare coverage is how you want that coverage delivered. The bonus is that this is an either or question, you can either choose Original Medicare or you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan.

If you choose an Original Medicare package with Part A, Part B or both coverage then you will need to also choose to purchase a Part D plan for prescriptions drugs as well as a supplement Medigap policy for added protection.

Currently there are a total of 10 different Medigap plans that are available for you to choose from with Medigap Part A offering the least expensive though lowest amount of coverage and each successive plan adding both coverage and cost.

If you choose to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan then there are five different types of policy to choose from including HMOs, PPOs, MSA, PFFS, and SNP. Each type of plan is a little different and the choice of which type depends on you and what level of flexibility you may need. For instance a HMO plan is the least expensive of all of these but is also the least flexible. With an HMO you will need to choose a primary care doctor and go through that person for all of your medical care as well as stay within your provider network for care.

Do you need more help understanding the different plans and levels of protection available to you? Just give us a call on our toll free number and we will be happy to discuss you needs and options, answer your questions and help you get the best possible Hawaii Medicare insurance quotes .