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California Medicare Part B

If you are soon to turn 65 or if you have a qualifying illness or injury that makes you eligible then it is time for you to take a closer look at Medicare and all of the Parts of it so that you can choose between all the different options including whether or not to opt for California Medicare Part B >

The original Medicare plan was created in the 1960s as a way to help reduce the costs of health care for the segment of the population who most needed the help, our elderly and disabled. The first Medicare program consisted of a single plan called Medicare Part A and covered hospital care only. This was a big help but not quite enough.

Over the years Medicare has grown and changed in an attempt to keep pace with the fast rising costs of health care and with that goal in mind many new "Parts" have been added to it. One of the first "Parts" added was Part B which is known as medical insurance and designed to fill in some of the gaps left by Part A.


Like Medicare Part A if you are eligible for automatic enrollment you will be enrolled into Medicare Part B unless you actually check the box to forgo this coverage. If you do not choose to disregard Part B then the premiums for it (which change every year) will be automatically deducted from your Social Security or retirement benefit check.

Once your monthly premiums are paid Medicare Part B is still not free and operates like most other health insurance plans. You will need to meet a yearly deductible and then pay a co-insurance fee of 80/20% after the deductible has been met. Unlike other health insurance plans however Medicare Part B does not have any type of cap set on your yearly out of pocket expenses nor does it offer a lifetime maximum amount. Many people who choose to stay with the original Medicare Parts also choose to purchase a Medigap policy to help with these expenses and cover services that Medicare Part A and B miss.

On the plus side, the new health care reform laws have made all preventative care services completely free of charge, so you will not need to pay either deductible or co-insurance for these types of services. Speak with your doctor to find out exactly what is covered under preventative care.

Do you need help deciding if original Medicare coverage including California Medicare Part B is the right choice for you or if a Medicare Advantage plan will suite your needs, budget and lifestyle better? Just give one of our experts a call on our toll free hotline and we will be happy to discuss your options, answer your questions and get you the lowest possible quotes for your coverage needs.