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California Medicare insurance

Are you turning 65 years old this year? If you are turning 65 soon then congratulations not only is it time to finally retire and enjoy the good life but it is also time to choose your California Medicare insurance options.

Although most of us are understandably anxious about choosing our medical insurance Medicare is easier then it may at first appear. Most Medicare policies are pretty simple really, Part A covers hospitalization, Part B covers medical, Part C covers the same stuff as Parts A and B do but often has extras and costs less (depending on your choices),Part D covers prescription drugs and Medigap covers everything that Parts A and B miss. The only real choice here is how you want to use your benefits. Here let me explain.

If you want to be able to have the freedom of being completely covered by the basics, choose whatever doctor or health care facility that you want and travel the world while maintaining coverage then a combination of Medicare Part A, B, D and a Medigap plan should suite you just fine. Choosing this route also narrows your choices to the 10 standardized Medigap plans so it is the easiest to choose although you will have 3 separate premiums to pay each month and you will also have to watch your medical bills a bit closer to make sure everyone pays what they are supposed to.

If you want a less expensive alternative that combines Part A, B and D as well as offers a few extras like dental and vision then a Medicare Advantage plan could be right for you.

With a Medicare Advantage plan you have the option of choosing between several different types of policy such as HMO health maintenance organization, PPO preferred provider organization, MSA medical savings account, PFFS private fee for service or SBP special needs plan. Each type of policy offers advantages and disadvantages as to where, when and how you receive care so they are flexible but may be geographically limited so travel could be an issue.

If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan then you will need to research your options and pay closer attention to what is covered but you will only have one premium to pay each month.

Need more help figuring out which California Medicare insurance plan is right for your particular needs? At MedicareisSimple.com we work hard to help our clients understand Medicare and get the best possible combination of benefits for their needs, lifestyle and budget. Just give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to discuss your situation and help you to choose the right plan for you.