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California Medicare insurance quotes

Are you turning 65 years old soon? If you are going to turn 65 years old then it is time for you to begin making your choices about how you want to receive your Medicare coverage and getting California Medicare insurance quotes for it.

Some people believe that when they reach the golden years and qualify for Medicare that all they need to do is show their card when they need medical care and that is true to a point.

You can, if you qualify for automatic enrollment, basically sit back and let your health insurance coverage come to you in the form of Medicare Part A and Part B. But that may not be the best choice and it certainly is not the only option available to you.

While original Medicare plans, including Medicare Part A and B do cover many of the services that you need they will not cover everything and the co-payments and deductibles can be a bit high when you are trying to stretch your retirement funds. To combat the problem of gaps in coverage, such as a total lack of any prescription drug plan, Medicare set up several types of policies to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget.


Currently there are two main categories and dozens of different ways that you can get your Medicare coverage and perhaps hundreds of out of pocket expense options as well. Choosing the right combination of policies within the right time frame is paramount to your continued coverage at an affordable rate.

You can choose to keep your original Medicare Part A hospital coverage plan which offers automatic enrollment and no premium with a yearly deductible and 80/20% co-insurance payments then add Part B medical insurance, also automatic enrollment to cover the out patient care and services Part A missed for a monthly premium, additional deductible and 80/20% copayment. But then you should also add Part D prescription drug coverage for an additional deductible and co-payment and perhaps one of the 12 Medicare supplement policies to cover what Parts A, B and D miss or you can choose to simplify and get a Medicare Advantage or Part C plan.

Medicare Advantage plans offer all the coverage of Parts A and B as a base and then add extra benefits from there such as prescription drug coverage but Medicare Advantage plans also have several choices that you need to make such as what type, what deductible and what extras.

Do you need help choosing which plan is right for your needs and budget? Our experts are standing by ready to answer your questions, get you the lowest California Medicare insurance quotes and help you make the best decision. Just give us a call on our toll free hotline or send us an email and we will be happy to explain everything to you.