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California Medicare HMO

Choosing the right health insurance policy to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget is never an easy task. You have to make choices about what you need, what you want and what you can afford and then figure out a way to get all three to balance smoothly. Choosing a Medicare plan is just as difficult as choosing any other type of health plan. Many people decide to choose a California Medicare HMO as a way to balance their needs against the cost.

A Medicare Advantage HMO is a type of popular and inexpensive health insurance option offered by a private health insurance company known as a managed care plan. A managed health care plan is a health plan that has contracted with certain doctors, medical personnel and health care facilities to offer its members care at a reduced cost. Under a managed care plan members receive discounts for services when they are seen by those on the health insurance company's provider network and the providers.

In the world of health insurance there are three types of managed care health plans available, HMO, PPO and POS. The least expensive and least flexible of these are HMO or health maintenance organizations.

If you choose a Medicare Advantage HMO you will need to choose a primary care doctor from the insurance company's provider network before you can do anything else. Once you have chosen your primary care doctor then you will need to see him or her or call and get permission before you can be seen by any other doctor or specialist, even those that are on your plans provider list except in case of an emergency. If you choose to see a doctor or go to a health care facility such as a hospital that is not on your provider list then you will more then likely have to pay 100% of the bill.

The cost of a Medicare HMO varies from one health insurance company to the next as well as from one type of plan to the next but there are a couple of things that they all share in common.

  • All HMOs place an emphasis on preventative medicine.
  • All HMOs charge a co-payment fee.
  • All HMOs offer free preventative check ups and tests. HMOs usually do not charge a co-insurance.

Do you need help deciding if a California Medicare HMO plan is the best option for your needs, lifestyle and budget or do you have questions regarding Medicare and your coverage? Just give us a call on our toll free number and one of our Medicare experts will be happy to discuss your needs and options and help you find the right plan for you.