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CA Medicare supplement plans

Those who choose to stick with original Medicare (Parts A and B) instead of opting for a Medicare Advantage plan ( Part C) may also want to purchase Ca Medicare supplement plans as well.

Although the original Medicare Parts A and B pay for most of your health insurance needs there are still gaps in coverage that you may want to fill, supplement plans which are also known as Medigap insurance will fill those holes.

Medigap policies can even help you pay for some of the out of pocket expenses that you may have with an original Medicare (Part A and B) policy such as your annual deductible amounts, co-payments and co-insurance.

Currently there are a total of 12 Medicare supplement plans that you can choose from. Like all government entities, Medigap policies were named by the person with the most imagination so you will find them called Part A through Part L.

All Medigap policies were designed by the Medicare program and are regulated by Federal and state laws to protect you, so if you choose to buy Part F from one company and your spouse chooses to buy Part F from another company you will each have the exact same coverage, but be careful. Although all Medigap policies are regulated to be exactly the same the different health insurance companies that offer then do not have to charge the same amount for them.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a Medigap policy:

  1. Each Plan is Different Although each supplement plan offers the same core benefits you will find that each plan is different so you will need to carefully consider those differences to make sure you choose the right policy for your needs.
  2. Shop around Although each Medigap policy may be the same the prices for the will not be, so it is important to shop around for the best rate. Remember when comparing the rate for a Medigap policy that you are comparing the same policy.
  3. Use your enrollment period Health insurance companies are not allowed to turn you down due to your health or change your rates if you purchase your Medigap policy within the 6 month period following your 65th birthday. If you wait then you may have to pay a much higher premium or run the risk of being turned down for coverage.
  4. You can't have Medigap with Medicare Advantage If you choose to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan then you should drop your Medigap policy. Medigap does not work with Medicare Advantage.

Do you need help choosing which plan is right for your needs and budget? Our experts are standing by ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decision. Just give us a call on our toll free hotline or send us an email and we will be happy to explain everything to you.