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Ca Medicare Advantage

Are you turning 65 soon? If you are turning 65 years old soon then the subject of Medicare is something that you should start thinking about. If you are no longer working and qualified for Medicare then you should receive an enrollment package in the mail about 3 months prior to your birthday. Once you receive this package then you will need to make a choice between traditional or original Medicare plans and Ca Medicare Advantage

Although some choose to stay with original Medicare coverage, Part A and opt in for Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D and a Medicare supplement or Medigap policy many people choose instead to consolidate all of it into a single Medicare Advantage or Part C plan.

Medicare Part C plans are approved by the Medicare system and offered by private health insurance companies. These plans by law must include all the benefits offered under Both Medicare Part A and Part B and also often add extras such as Medicare Part D as well as other benefits.

Some people are confused when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans and Medigap coverage by thinking that they are the same thing. Medicare Advantage plans are not the same as Medigap policies and the two will not even work together so if you have one you should drop the other.

Medicare Part C plans operate in the same way as your old health insurance plan did with many of the same options and types available making choosing Medicare coverage at least as worrisome and confusing as any other health insurance policy. The goal is to get the most value for you money while not sacrificing coverage that you need, especially now when you need it most.

With Medicare Advantage you will find most plans have a specific provider network of doctors and health care facilities that you must use depending on the type of coverage you choose. Medicare Part C plans also offer many of the same types of policy found in the private insurance sector including HMOs or health maintenance organizations, PPOs or preferred provider organizations, MSAs or medical savings accounts, PFFSs or private fee for service plans, and SNP special needs plans. Confused yet? Don't panic!

At MedicareisSimple.com we understand that Medicare and all of its choices can be very confusing and we are here to help. You can check out our easy to use tools and timely informative articles or you can give one of our experts a call any time you need help.

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