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Improving Health with the Use of Technology

Technology has created new and exciting wonders in the field of medicine in recent years. Nothing in fact has improved the lives of so many people than the use of different advancements in Science and Technology to make processes simpler and easier to do. Technology also brings with it the fact that we can now do things that we couldnęt even dream of doing with our naked senses. Among these new discoveries is a floating microscope designed to capture the behaviour of cells in the human body.

Cellular formations and diseases have all been difficult to observe in general because of the invasiveness of normal procedures. You also have the difficulty of getting humans to be able to accurately do what they are supposed to and the room for error means the difference between life and death.

Using this new technology, you can not only control the microscope to view cells but also use it to help treat. Running on vacuum technology, the microscope doesn't face the problem of touching and damaging cells because it can float above the surface. At the same time, it will have the capability to release medication directly at a foreign object or cancer cell - thus making it a more efficient delivery system. The downside however is its steep cost and the best way not to feel a pinch on your wallet is through health insurance coverage.

In order to create the device, a silicon tip was used. Four holes were then etched onto the tip. The holes are used to either squirt out or suck in fluid, therefore creating the vacuum to stop it touching cells it shouldnęt be touching. The capability to squirt liquid is also what makes it capable of delivering medical treatment to infected tissues or cells.

The development team was a product of collaboration between various organizations including the McGill's Engineering department as well as Ecole Polytechnique. Mohammad Ameen Qasaimeh from the former organization was also joined by David Juncker also from McGill. Thomas Gervais on the other hand was from Ecole Polytechnique, based on Montreal.

The capabilities of the microscope are limitless provided that it functions properly and can save valuable time in the observation of cells under a microscope. It will essentially be a means of observing and recording even how disease cells work in the body.

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